Coin-op laundry with personalized cleaning

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When internet is not enough...

The tranquillity and the success of those who open a self-service laundry depend on the quality and professionalism upon which they can rely: That's why it is so necessary to go beyond the network and rely on those like us who have in person designed and manufactured the technologies, machineries and services that are key to the success of the laundry, offering you:

Waterland Campus

Waterland Campus

High-level professional training before, during and after the opening of your store ...

Macchinari Brevettati

Patented machineries

Machineries specially designed for self-service laundries facilitating the operation...

Tecniche di gestione innovative

Management Techniques

Innovative techniques, exclusive for the management and organization...

Assistenza Tecnica globale

Technical Assistance

Global support given by a network of specific service and spare parts Centres...


A WATERLAND Self-Service Laundry has the great advantage of innovative machines and technologies which only RENZACCI company, the Italian world-leader in this sector, can offer:

  • Over 45 years of activity
  • We export to 108 countries in the world
  • We take care of your image
  • Dozens of international patents registered
  • We manufacture the quality we propose
  • We guarantee the quality for a winning formula!