Coin-op laundry with personalized cleaning

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We manufacture and guarantee the technology and the machines used

A WATERLAND Self-Service Laundry has the great advantage of only using innovative equipment and technologies by RENZACCI company, the Italian world-leader in research, development, design, manufacturing, sales and servicing of industrial washing-in-water machines, tumble dryers, dry cleaning machines and ironing calenders.

Over 45 years of activity, dozens of international patents registered

Machines exported to 108 countries in the world

This is the concrete reality demonstrating the reliability and strength of those who propose a winning formula, because it is capable of "manufacturing the quality it offers you", controlling it from the start of the production of the machinery you use, to continue with the commercial formulas, taking care of the image, and the study of the most profitable way to run the laundry.
We are not mere sellers, we guarantee the quality we produce and we know how to assist!